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OK, I've decided that I need a website!

Great! Your next steps should be to answer the following questions :

What is the main purpose of the website?
You've decided that you need a website, but have you also decided what the main goal or purpose of the website will be? Without a clear purpose or goal, you may not be happy with the results of the project, or the results may not be what you initially expected. We suggest writing a mission statement, or several sentences that will capture the main purpose and goals.

What information will the website offer its visitors?
Now that you have hammered out a mission statement or several sentences stating the purpose of the website, make a list of what types of information will help achieve this goal.

What has my competition done?
Don't forget to see what your competitors down the street (and around the world) have done. Benchmark your project against theirs, and remember that you will have to offer as complete an offering.

What are your short and long term goals?
Many people are under the misconception that once their website goes 'live', that the project is done. Not true! To be an effective tool, the content and information found within the pages of your website requires regular review and updating, just as your print publications do. We work with our clients to put together a list of short-and long-term goals and solutions, so that they have a clear understanding of what will be required immediately and in the long run.
How will you incorporate the new ideas, changes, and factors that doing business on the web will bring?
With the addition of a new business tool comes new concerns and changes. Who will answer the email questions sent from your website? How will offering information on your products and services affect the relationship between yourself and your customers?

Once you've thought these through and are satisfied with your answers, you're now ready to fill out a Website Project Statement.

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